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Outfitting your Seafari system with HRO's necessary options and accessories will add more life to your watermaker and lower your maintenance costs.



Fresh Water Flush Fresh Water Flush:
Extends the life of the membranes by rinsing them with fresh water by merely a touch of a button. The Fresh Water Flush automatically removes all salt water from internal parts of the system and flushes the membranes with clean fresh water every 7 days. This prevents salt water corrosion of the internal parts and reduces biological fouling of the RO membrane.
Remote Remote Control Unit:
The Remote Control Unit (RCU) is able to monitor the system's performance and alarm status from the bridge or other remote locations. This RCU includes complete installation instructions and 50 feet of cable.
Plankton Filter Plankton Filter Assembly
The Plankton Filter Assembly (PFA) traps suspended solids larger than 100 micron, thus providing additional protection for your Seafari system's pre-filters, which ultimately prolongs the pre-filter element life.
Charcoal Filter Charcoal Filter Assembly
Charcoal Filter Assembly (CFA) removes chlorine, taste, odors, and chemical impurities from the product water. This process of purification works without chemicals and leaves no residual in the water supply.
pH Filter pH Neutralizing Filter
The pH Neutralizing Filter (pHN) provides pH neutralization of the reverse osmosis system product water. It comes in various filter sizes to fit your needs.
Sea Strainer Sea Strainer
The Sea Strainer prolongs pre-filter life by trapping suspended solids within the monel mesh screen. Sea Strainers are available in either the traditional plastic housing (SF 170) or the bronze (all other Seafari systems). (PSS or BSS)
UV Sterilizer U.V. Sterilizer
The Ultraviolet Sterilizer is the final process where 99.8% of all micro-organisms, such as reproducing bacteria and viruses, are sterilized. Ultraviolet replacement U.V. lamps are also available. Please specify voltage when ordering.
Soft Start Motor Soft Motor Start
The new, specially designed Soft Motor Start is a device that can be integrated into the Seafari System. The Soft Motor Start will cut the Seafari system's start-up amps by more than half.
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